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Pleasant Valley Greenhouse


Welcome to Pleasant Valley Greenhouse!

We hope you will browse our lists of plants as well as the information we will be providing for you!

Check us out on Facebook and let Pleasant Valley Greenhouse  be your source for not only plants but also everything you need to prepare for and be successful with your flower & vegetable gardens!

We welcome your emails about concerns & questions regarding your plans for the upcoming gardening season!

Remember when starting seeds indoors 1)  Tend the moisture level carefully--not too wet, not too dry, & 2)  Light must be good & close or your seedlings will be leggy! Just make sure the light is not too hot on the young seedlings.



Now is the time to think about where you would like that new raised bed!  It's as simple as a few cinder blocks!  And don't forget to add good compost to your garden within the next 2 months.  You can work it in as soon as the soil thaws!